Sexy? Yes.  Impossible?  Not for Glamour Bitch!

What’s the secret to “33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses?” The GB girls know!

One of the tricks?  Always understand that less is more.
Another? Showing a little ink never hurt anyone—except maybe Mike Tyson. But that’s besides the point.
Our gorgeous friends Susan & Fallon prove tats, lingerie (or lack of) can be classy, beautiful & SO badass!

The ever so popular BuzzFeed took notice of their latest shoots with us, followed shortly by Inked Magazine’s awesome Facebook shout out. We couldn’t feel more honored to not only be recognized by these amazing media outlets, but to be featured alongside fellow top boudoir photographers! We’re such a fan of all their work and love that boudoir is becoming more accessible to the everyday girl next door!

Susan Fallon

Whether you have ink or play more on the conservative side, we can customize a shoot that allows you to bring out your inner goddess (or sex kitten). It’s your call! Experience absolutely isn’t necessary so don’t worry about that! In fact, the majority of our girls have never modeled a day in their life and rock their photo shoots! Let it be our job to guide you through any nervousness you have, even though we know you’ll do fantastic!

What are you waiting for? Book your session with us now!

We love ya!
Dawn, Shannon & Megan

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