Dawn- Owner, Photographer, Retoucher, and sometimes Wonder Woman  When I started photographing women almost 10 years ago, I never dreamed that we would have the opportunity to touch the lives of so many fabulous ladies.  From the girl next door, to the soccer mom looking to feel sexy again, I have found that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way.  However… as women we also tend to share a lot of “interests”… shoe shopping anyone??  We know that coming in for a photo shoot is certainly nerve wracking, so we want you to feel like you’re hanging with your girlfriends for the day!  So here is a little about me:

1. I have a boyfriend and 2 kitties that I adore.
2.  I am obsessed with JCrew, Anthropologie, and Free People.
3. I hate the cold and would love to live in Florida all winter.
4.  I am completely addicted to hot yoga!
5. I drink coffee constantly- cream, no sugar.
6. My favorite color is pink, but all my clothes are black, white, or gray.
7. I studied Fashion Design at Drexel and went to cosmetology school before I became a completely self taught photographer.
8. I wear flip flops… even in the winter, my new obsession is wearing leg warmers with them.
9. I am a firm believer in The Secret.
10. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such talented and amazing friends on a daily basis.

Shannon- Makeup Artist & Stylist  I am the makeup magic behind the scenes.  My mother has always expressed the sentiment “How did my tomboy daughter become a makeup artist?”.  In an effort to share a little about myself, I will start with telling you I am a walking contradiction! You can learn the rest while I’m transforming you into a supermodel for your photo shoot.

1.  I LOVE to apply makeup to other people, from the smallest enhancement to full blown makeup, but on myself, poor Dawn has to twist my arm to get me to wear mascara!
2.  Anyone that knows me knows how MUCH I love shoes, especially heels, the higher the better.  BUT I can NOT wear heels while doing makeup!
3.  I’m a complete and utter chocoholic!!!  The darker the better, and if caramel accompanies it, I’m in heaven!!!!
4.  I’m a total sucker for animals, especially my fur kids, Romeo and Juliet.
5.  I love to bake, although it’s looking like gluten free is the way to go for the “Glamour Bitches” these days!
6.  I feel so proud and priviledged that I was blessed with my makeup skills.  I plan on sharing as much of this talent as I can, to help women realize that we each have a glamorous side and are all beautiful!

Megan- Behind the Scenes Everything Gal 11 random things about me

1. Coffee, candles, and quotes are a few of my daily necessities.
2. Music is the love of my life. My boyfriend’s a close second.
3. I can get lost in a good book for hours.
4. Hot yoga has become my newest obsession.
5. I literally fainted after getting my first tattoo but want several more.
6. I’m too indecisive for my own good.
7. There’s nothing I want more than to travel and see the world
8. If you can make me laugh, I’ll love you immediately.
9. I’m a perfectionist/neat freak-except when it comes to fitted sheets. They can stay in a folded ball.
10. I hate the cold and won’t leave my house when it snows.
11. Peonies and sunflowers are my favorite flowers.