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Holiday Boudoir Special Booking Now!

If you’re looking to give yourself or your significant other the sexiest gift ever, then you need to book yourself a session with us asap!  We have only a few spots left for our Holiday Mini Sessions.  These mini sessions will …

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Dana: Before and After

This fabulous lady was an absolute blast to work with and I am so happy she allowed us to share her before and after shot!  

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Sexy Bridal Boudoir Photos For Your Groom

Sexy Bridal Boudoir Photos For Your Groom You got the ring, Congratulations!  Why not surprise your groom with gorgeous photos of you just before you walk down the aisle?!  An album of boudoir photos meant for his eyes only is …

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More Shots in the New Studio

Last week we had a much needed “girly” day at the studio.  Bags and bags of wardrobe items, two of my favorite girls, and some good conversation on a cloudy and kinda rainy day are always perfect for clearing my …

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Trusting Your Photographer and Giving Yourself Permission

Every so often we have some clients that come to our studio with 5 bags of clothes, lingerie, shoes, you know, the works- and saying “I know I brought too much, but I just wanted to make sure we had …

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Outfit ideas for your boudoir session- New Jersey Glamour Photography

A lot of girls book a session with us and are so excited to start shopping for their shoot.  And then frustration sets in… fast.    But honestly, no worries on what to wear.   You don’t need to spend …

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New Jersey Boudoir Photography- Lisa’s Boudoir Shoot

Lisa has been a friend of mine, for geez, 8 years? We lost touch a few years ago when she got married and started a family, but low and behold, Facebook put us back in touch. I had the pleasure …

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Glamour Bitch Photography Featured on The Boudoir Forum

So excited!!   This morning I work up to see that some of the images that we shot with Kristen this past fall were featured on The Boudoir Forum!  TheBoudoirForum.com is an online resource for both professional boudoir photographers and those …

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Fun new studio additions and sexy photo shoot with Kristen

I always keep my eye out for fun new things to add to our prop closet and this summer was no exception. Through a series of little excursions, I scored this pink vintage sofa and also came up with this …

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A Few Fabulous Ladies

We have been so flippin’ busy here at the studio the past two months, that I am way behind on posting photos from all of the ladies that signed releases for us. So to keep you all occupied until I …

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Fabulous Accessories for your Boudoir Shoot

I am always on the hunt for fun, new props and accessories for our clients to during their boudoir shoot.  In the last few weeks we’ve picked up a few gorgeous vintage hats, an awesome pink loveseat, a black lace …

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Victoria’s Secret Bridal Lingerie: South Jersey Bridal Boudoir Photography

Hello all of my sexy little brides!  If you have an upcoming wedding this spring or fall, then make sure you contact us ASAP to book yourself a bridal boudoir shoot with Glamour Bitch Photography.  Bridal boudoir is a hot …

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Caitlyn Sneak Peek- Bridal Boudoir South Jersey

How fabulous is she??  Caitlyn came for a shoot this week so that she could surprise her groom with a gift the day of their wedding.  She was so nervous about the shoot, she brought her mom (who was awesome …

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