Boudoir Shoot With Megan: Glamour and Boudoir by Glamour Bitch

Hi darlings! My name is Megan. I’m the assistant/behind the scenes girl here at Glamour and Boudoir by Glamour Bitch! I’ve communicated with many of you through emails/social media and sometimes get the pleasure of meeting you at the studio. If we haven’t spoken or met, I hope to someday! Anyway, I’m writing this to talk about the photo shoot I had with my lovely bosses Dawn & Shannon. Like many of our clients, I was a nervous wreck! I may be an easy going gal but me in front of a camera? Half naked?! Oh boy! We’re our own biggest critics ladies and despite working for a photography studio, I’m very hard on myself. I’ve never had a photo shoot or considered doing one. However, Dawn and Shannon quickly convinced me otherwise. I must say, all of you lovely ladies also gave me the courage to get in front of Dawn’s Nikon. Reading your positive feedback and seeing your smiling faces at the studio made me want to get in on the action. Once you get over the silly voice in your head saying “you’re not model material”, all that’s left is showing up ready for endless possibilities!

After a wardrobe run through, a much needed cup of espresso and Shannon’s magical hair/makeup application, I was ready to go! Much to my surprise, the actual photo shoot was a breeze! Dawn guided me throughout the entire shoot. (“Where do I put my hand? How’s my hair? Does my butt look big?) Questions Dawn heard a million times that day (what a saint) but bared with me. The room was full of laughter, fun, and poses you didn’t think were in your range of possibility! Trust me when I say I had no idea I could look the way I do in my pictures. I love them! Although I’m lucky enough to have Dawn & Shannon as my bosses, they’re wonderful girls just to hang out with. Aside from being AMAZING at what they do, they genuinely want to make each girl that steps through our door feel beautiful, and they do. If you haven’t already, I hope you all build up the courage to do a boudoir shoot with us. I promise you’ll be happy you did it! xoxo Megan   Megan3 copy Megan4 Megan-Blog Megan2

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Boudoir On Film Workshop- Part 2

I know I am the worst when it comes to keeping up with sharing photos of all of my gorgeous clients.  I was going through some old photos this past weekend,  and I came across some more images that I took at Danielle Fletcher’s Boudoir on Film workshop last Spring.  Our model for this shoot was actually our waitress from the restaurant we had dinner at the night before.  We kind of sprung the idea of her modeling for us at the last minute, and we were thrilled when she actually agreed!  She had the most beautiful blue eyes and moved so gracefully.  It was super windy in the little alley that we were working in, but I love how it worked with her outfit and hair.  There are a ton of little spots similar to this one near our Collingswood studio.  If you are interested in setting up a shoot, email us via the contact page!  BOF BOF2

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Susan: Before and After

This gorgeous girl decided to book herself a shoot so that she could give her hubby some beautiful boudoir photos for his 40th birthday.  We had so much fun during her shoot and was excited to turn a sweet, innocent girl into a glamorous goddess.  I think she pulled it off pretty well.  We did 1 look with more of a sexy, casual feel so that she could show off a few of her photos to family and friends and reserve her lingerie looks for her husband.  Susan was also kind enough to share a “before” image and to share a little about her experience.
     “I decided to have these pictures taken as a gift for my husband on his 40th birthday.  I wanted him to see that even in his “old age” he still has a hot wife!  He was completely blown away when I revealed the pictures to him.  He was amazed at the quality of the photos, the hair, the make up – he said he always knew I was sexy, and these pictures proved it for me!  I’ve also shown some friends and they were amazed that I was “brave” enough to do something so bold.  I told them I was very nervous until I walked in the door and Dawn and Shannon made me feel so at ease!  I felt like I was a friend just stopping by for some pictures – that’s how comfortable they made me!!  I highly recommend Glamour Bitch for boudoir style photos!” – Susan C.

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