Love Letters

Here’s a little of what some of our clients have had to say after shooting with us:


I decided to have these pictures taken as a gift for my husband on his 40th birthday.  I wanted him to see that even in his “old age” he still has a hot wife!  He was completely blown away when I revealed the pictures to him.  He was amazed at the quality of the photos, the hair, the make up – he said he always knew I was sexy, and these pictures proved it for me!  I’ve also shown some friends and they were amazed that I was “brave” enough to do something so bold.  I told them I was very nervous until I walked in the door and Dawn and Shannon made me feel so at ease!  I felt like I was a friend just stopping by for some pictures – that’s how comfortable they made me!!  I highly recommend Glamour Bitch for boudoir style photos!


After seeing my friend Laura post picture after picture of herselflooking fabulous, I decided to take the leap and schedule a shoot with Glamour Bitch. I was a little skeptical that I would look as gorgeous as all the other girls on the site…since of course, I am the only female in the world with stretch marks and areas that tucking in and smoothing. At least I thought so!!  I was lucky enough to be one of the first to shoot at their beautiful new studio. I was greeted by Dawn who is so sweet, laid back, and comfortable to be around. Any fear or nervousness was gone as soon as I arrived. Then I met Shannon – she was so easy going and fun to talk to. It was like hanging out with 2 old friends, not perfect strangers! When I got to look in the mirror when my hair and makeup was complete, I was floored. I looked absolutely stunning!! The shoot was so easy and fun. Dawn knew exactly how to pose me to accentuate my body and showed me how to relax my face. I wish I would’ve booked the “All out Supermodel Experience” just so I could’ve stayed there all day. What started out as a gift for my fiance turned out to be the best present I could have given myself. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!  -Amanda B.  Tiffin, IA



I have always wanted to do a photo shoot but, could never find a photographer that I could trust or feel comfortable around. A friend of mine told me about GB Photography and showed me her pictures. They were phenomenal! Once I saw them, I knew that I had to book my session ASAP. The booking process was so easy and Dawn was able to get me into the studio right away. I was so excited. When I arrived, I was not nervous at all because the girls made me feel right at home. Shannon made me feel like a super model with all the time she spent transforming me into a Diva. She is an amazing and gifted make-up artist. Once I was in front of the camera I was so relaxed. Dawn did a tremendous job directing me in my poses. The whole experience was truly amazing and the results well worth it! Being a 43 year old mother of two young daughters leaves little time for me and it is rare that I truly feel sexy and young.  Doing the shoot with the girls made me see myself in a whole new light. So, all you ladies out there that are thinking of doing something like this, do it, and book it with Glamour Bitch. You won’t be disappointed!! -Deirdre S.

When I booked my appointment for my shoot, I was so nervous.  I had never done anything like this before, but I was also very excited knowing it would be a fun and unique experience that I would always remember!  I booked it on my birthday, took the day off from work, and went to meet these three wonderful girls! They were awesome, they are truly amazing artists and instantly gained a new friend in me :)  I look forward to having the pictures delivered to my fiance the morning of our wedding. He will have plenty of time to look at these pics of me before seeing me walk up the aisle that afternoon.  I honestly can’t wait to do this again (in the very near future)!  I recommend everyone do this for themselves, you will feel amazingly sexy after a day spent with these wonderful ladies. Jayme P., Bensalem PA

After struggling all of my life with my weight (who doesn’t?), I was finally able to lose 70 lbs. and literally become a brand new person. I saw GB Photography on Facebook and thought what a great idea it would be for me to do a photo shoot. Not only would it make me feel great, but it would be a great gift for my husband, who’s been there with me through ‘thick’ AND ‘thin’!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did it. Dawn and Shannon are an amazing team. I felt like I’ve known them for years and would not hesitate to make this an annual event! I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I did with them. Thank you both so much for being a great part of my story. -Kim K. Voorhees, NJ


My experience with GB Photography was completely amazing and  a great ego booster! The ladies, Dawn & Shannon, are very friendly and made me feel really comfortable.  They made me look hot when I didn’t think i was.  It’s definitely an experience every woman should have… I will be back!- Inomarie B. Erial, NJ


I was referred to GB by my very good friend. She did it as a wedding gift for her fiance. I said to her,  perhaps I should do it too as a wedding anniversary present for my husband. So I did! I had a BLAST!!! Dawn is sssoo nice and very friendly, Shannon is amazing. They are both very talented and both made me feel comfortable. I loved my hair and make up, and the pictures turned out great. The whole experience was awesome and I can’t wait to schedule my next photo session. Dawn and Shannon you guys ROCK!!!! – Audrey S . Jamison, PA


Last Summer, a friend of mine told me I should go for a GB photo shoot.  I booked my shoot and I was so impressed with how comfortable I was having Dawn & Shannon prep me and shoot my pics.  Once I saw my edits, I was so thrilled with my photos and experience that I’m addicted!  In the past year, I’ve had three photo shoots with them, and I plan on going back for more :) xoxo- MaryAnn H. North Brunswick, NJ


I came across a friend’s Facebook page and noticed some glamorous photos that she had gotten done.  They were fantastic!!  I quickly called my cousin and told her I wanted to take pictures as a wedding present for my soon to be husband.  She told me should had look into GB Photography and that they did an AMAZING job!  We immediately called and booked an appointment for both my cousin and myself.  Dawn and Shannon were AMAZING from beginning to end.  They made us both feel comfortable….and made us look GORGEOUS!  I couldn’t wait to show everyone my pictures.  I felt sexy, confident…everything that a girl wants to feel!- Cynthia H. Cedar Grove, NJ


I’ve been wanting to work with Dawn for years now.  I finally got the opportunity to have a shoot done. It was a blast!! Ive known dawn and shannon for years so i was already familiar with the way things worked but they totally surprised me. we had so much fun but also got down to business. i use to be in front of the camera allot when i was younger but def had lost that comfort ability i use to have.  dawn was great! she didnt blow smoke she told u exactly what u needed to do to get the best shot. shannons make up and hair were awesome! There is nothing like someone doing your make up and hair for you to make you feel glamorous. I highly recommend any  women have their pictures done at some point ( any point) in their lives. It is def money well spent. and looking back at the finished product i still cant believe its me! Truly was an experience. I cant wait for my next shoot!!  Sarah V. New Orleans, LA


I never thought about being in sexy photos. ME?!? Sexy? No way! Then about four years ago, after breaking free from a harmful relationship, I thought about it but didn’t think that I should. About three years ago, I wanted to, but didn’t think that I could. Then, I jumped! I started over in life with an entirely different view of the world…and of myself. I desired to savor pleasure. I desired to feel strong. I desired to feel sexy. A photo session with GB Photography gave me all of that. The photos were for no one but myself…to celebrate myself. Several photo sessions later, I have a beautiful portfolio of shots to share with my love, and I’ve even used one of the shots as my published author photo on my book cover. I’ve had an amazing journey to find myself again and Glamour Bitch played a key role. Now I know that a part of seeing yourself strong is seeing yourself sexy. I brag that I see myself sexy EVERYday! Thank you Glamour Bitch for adding the exclamation point to my brags!   Annie C. San Mateo, CA

When I first “discovered” GB I looked through the portfolio and was thinking to myself there is no way I could look that good. After a few days of contiplating whether or not I wanted to book a shoot I decided I would. I figured that if I didn’t like they way look at least I did something I never thought I would. When I arrived for my shoot I was so nervous I almost backed out walking up to the door. Just as luck would have it Dawn was out front sweeping. Her friendly appearance and greeting was warm and welcoming. As Shannon was doing my hair and makeup and Dawn was setting up my shoot I was becoming more and more comfortable with the whole thing. When we started I was still a lil nervous but as time went on with Dawn and Shannons encouraging direction I felt like a pro by the end of the shoot. Thats wasn’t even the best part, when we looked at some of the shots I couldn’t believe that the person I was looking at was me. Beautiful, unbelievable words can not describe how I felt. Dawn is an amazing photograger not to mention an amazing person. Shannon is the pro when it comes to makeup and hair. I have NEVER in my entire life felt as beautiful as I did the day of the shoot. Amazing, beautiful, professional, ecouraging, and magicial are just some of the words that I can use to describe Dawn and Shannon. You definately will not regret booking a shoot when you do!  Melissa Schwindeman- NJ


I was a little skeptical and nervous when I first took the  initiative to make an appointment. I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t look like the ” model-like” girls on the GB web site, they might make me look ok, but after having a child, stretch marks and not having the time to work out on a consistent basis  there was no way I would be made to look like a model myself. Boy, was I wrong! When I saw my pictures, I was floored, one was better than the other!  The whole experience was empowering and a huge self-esteem boost.  Both Dawn and Shannon were extremely pleasant to work with and made everything extremely easy, not to mention they are amazing at what they do! -Meaghan L, NJ

I was referred to GB Photography by a previous client. I loved her shots & really needed a self-esteem boost so I thought this might be just the ticket. I talked to Dawn several times before I got up enough courage to actually schedule an appointment. I got to her place and was a NERVOUS WRECK!!! Dawn, Kelley & Shannon set me at ease almost immediately while I was getting my hair & makeup done. When it was time to start the actual photos I got cold feet again! Nearly naked? With strangers?? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I took a deep breath & got to work. Dawn showed me one of the first few pics she took. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! From that moment on I was ready to go. The whole experience was awesome & I can’t wait to go again. -Rachel Y,  PA

I have always wanted to do a Hollywood Retro look.  Jean Harlow is one of my inspirations.  Being an OB/GYN nurse, I am in scrubs all day, giving me that rectangle/box-y look.  My friend Rachel’s photos turned out so wonderful, that I booked a date.  I finally had a chance to let the Vintage Screen Siren out!!  What a wonderful experience!  From shopping for the right outfit, hair, makeup, and the photo shoot…..I can’t wait to do it again! – Mary Drew



After I found out that my husband would be deployed for a year, I began researching boudoir photographers along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.   I was stunned at how Dawn and Shannon transformed these already beautiful women on the GB website into drop-dead gorgeous models.  So I scheduled a shoot to make my husband his very own pin-up calendar.  I was anxious, excited and nervous when I walked in her studio but both ladies broke the ice and put me at ease.  Being a little overweight was a concern of mine that was quickly put to rest after seeing how Shannon transformed me with make-up (jaw-on-the-floor for a good couple of minutes as I kept re-checking to see if someone was actually standing in front of me in the mirror!) and all the different poses Dawn put me in to make the most of my curves (not to mention the magic done with her computer)!  When it came time to placing my order, Dawn went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.  My husband and I, both, received amazing gifts:  he got a calendar with his wife looking smokin’ hot, and I got to see and feel like glamorous celebrity (with ALL the tricks of the trade!)—the lady he’s been telling me I was but had never seen myself.  After this experience, my confidence was through the roof.  I was able to see just how beautiful I am; with or without make-up. -Rhiannon H, VA

After seeing my Nanny’s GB photos I was obsessed with having that same incredible experience.  Being a mother of four and closing in on 43, this was the perfect pick me up to make me feel sexy and alive again.  Dawn is without saying, a perfectionist, who is caring and so passionate about her work it shows in all the amazing pictures!  She is so talented and works hard to get the perfect shot.   Shannon is by far one of the best makeup artists I have ever known, …and I used to be one.  She knows the best way to hide your flaws and play up your strengths.  Together, they are an incredible team that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  By far, one of the best experiences of my life.  Every woman should have the chance to feel and look this good!!  I love Glamour Bitch Photography! -Nina A, PA

After months of stalking the GB website, wondering how I would look like all of these girls when I am a size 12/14, I finally took the plunge and had a half day shoot. The experience with Dawn and Shannon was one that all girls should have for at least once in their life. They made me feel like a movie star!!! And then the photos came, and I looked the best I have ever looked. Shannon is truly the makup fairy and the tools are like a wand in her hand. Dawn, to get the “perfect” shot does whatever is necessary and puts you in the best position to make your body look fabulous. I never felt uncomfortable in front of the camera and Dawn guided me through the whole shoot with hand and body placement and was so creative.  I also appreciated the fact that she was eager to please me with shooting ideas I already had. Thank you girls for the gorgeous photos you took of me and for making me feel so beautiful. The photos are far more outstanding than I expected, your work is truly the best! The comments keep on coming in:) Can’t wait to work with you again. -Adrienne M, PA

I have been shooting with GB for almost five years now. Dawn, Kelley, and Shannon have worked their magic on me in literally every stage of my adult life. Dawn got me into several major magazines through submissions of her photos when I was just nineteen, and helped put me on the map of the modeling world. Now, years after leaving the modeling world behind, these girls remind me of what it is to feel beautiful every time I work with them. Even when I was just weeks away from giving birth, and feeling absolutely awful about myself in a body that was completely foreign to me, Dawn managed to take some of the most beautiful maternity shots of me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Then, a few weeks after delivering (when NO woman is feeling good about her looks), she did it yet again, and produced absolutely gorgeous images. Anyone considering getting pictures done should do so NOW! Any insecurities you may have about body flaws, a few extra pounds, blemishes…these girls make disappear. You will never look or feel more beautiful, and they are such genuinely sweet and fun people you are bound to have a blast doing it. I love these girls with all my heart and will be forever grateful to them for immortalizing some of the most special times of my life through beautiful photography. -Ryan P, PA


Getting your pictures done by GB Photography is an experience that all women should treat themselves to. I am a Mother of 3 and a Wife. I have many body flaws and like most women I am self-conscience with the imperfections. But he girls are so sweet and talented and they will transform you into your inner vixen. I saw myself in a different light. You will only be young once so seize the moment and do something extraordinary for yourself. -Susan Ospina, PA

I’?ve never really liked photos of myself and hadn?t had formal shots since I was a senior in high school. After a difficult year personally, I needed some sort of boost for my ego. Quite frankly, I needed to feel beautiful ? even just a little. A photo shoot just like this seemed like a good way to attempt that. My half-day with the GB girls exceeded my expectations and hopes far beyond my imagination. Shannon and Dawn were having so much fun and it was obvious that they love their work. They put me completely at ease with every step of the shoot. I know my true beauty is not in how I look on the outside. But knowing that and still feeling like I am beautiful are two different things. For the FIRST time in my life, when I saw the initial results of my shoot, all of it, the make-up and hair and sets and poses? I FELT beautiful. Being the sap that I am, I cried. I am so grateful to Dawn and Shannon for all the work they did. I?m still amazed at the results every day. More importantly, I?m indebted to them for showing me and helping me truly feel the beauty that I?m capable of – for helping me believe that in myself. It was and always will be one the best and most amazing days in my entire life. I can?t wait until I have a special man in my life so I can have Dawn and Shannon work their magic on me again. Or maybe I won?t wait for the man! :) If you are thinking about doing something like this, for your significant other or just for yourself like I did, DO IT. You will love the girls. You will love the pampering. And you will love the results. -Robin Meeks, DC

I have had some AMAZING fun with the girls of GB Photography. The first time was during the “All American Girls” shoot. Being a plus-size girl I was a little apprehensive – would they even want to shoot me? Dawn and Shannon eased those fears. I brought a gal pal with me, it was an evening shoot and the four of us had a GRAND time. I then came back to the girls to have my professional headshots done. Dawn and Shannon were amazing with editing, primping, laughing, etc. We’ve had a great time and I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel beautiful EVERY DAY of their life. -Melissa T, NJ

When I started college in 2000, I weighed 150 lbs. Pretty cute, for my bone structure and build. But during 8 years of mental trauma, self-hatred, and depression, I packed on close to 75 lbs. On my graduation day, I weighed 215 lbs, and shy’ed away from anyone with a camera. I never wanted to face the “fat-chick” that I equated with unattractive, unworthy, and undesirable. A recent break-up pushed me so far to the edge, that the only place I wanted to go was up! I began working out, eating healthy, and treating myself to dates every weekend, with just me, myself, and I! But I knew my main act on the path of self-love, would be to see myself in pictures. So after hedging, hemming, and hawing, I contacted the Divas at GB Photography, and you don’t need me to tell you they HOOKED ME UP!!! I rock so hard, and I know it!!! But more than anything, I admire my body, curves and all… So for all you fluffy, sumptuous, GODDESSLY shaped ladies, look at me!!! If I can do it, so can you!!! – Erica Ryan, NYC

As Dawn and Shannon always say “You don’t have to be a model to be a Glamour Bitch”! Its 100% true. I had no modeling experience when I did my first shoot with them. I was shy and insecure but these girls made me feel so comfortable. When I first looked at the pictures I couldn’t believe that the girl in them was me! I looked so gorgeous and sexy! These girls do such a wonderful job and are so sweet that you go in for a photo shoot and leave with AWESOME pictures of yourself and new friends. I live in California and when I head back east I always try to make a stop at Glamour Bitch for a shoot. I can’t say enough good things about them, they’re great. -Kelly Blaze, CA


The Glamour bitch experience is a must for all women..I heard about them thru a friend of mine who got her pics done! The images were breathtaking! So my hubby bought me a package I was sooooo nervous & thought I’d feel uncomfortable the first time but the girls make u feel so comfortable by the end of the shoot I was walking around naked! lol..Dawn’s work is so amazing that I was able to put some of the rough copies up the second I got home! Then a few days later I got the finished product & I was speechless..I looked beautiful in every way ..every lil flaw I had she covered up! No one is perfect & thats a good thing when Dawn is in charge! She knows what to put you in to position your body to best suit you & most of all u have fun while dong it! The makeup fairy Shannon is amazing..her work has you in awe & Kelley can transform ure hair into a supermodel! They are the perfect team ,the three of them! Every where I go people are asking about where I got my “Glamour Bitch” photos! I have been to them twice so far..I referred many of my girl friends to them & they too loooove their work! I will forever be thankful for the beautiful memories these girls as a team create for me & I am lucky to have met such wonderful new friends ! Every woman should do this…I am hooked! Love you Dawn ,Shannon & Kelley! Glamour Bitch Rocks!  XO- Danielle Colontonio a.k.a. Rackorama, NJ


When I first heard about Glamour Bitch, I don’t think I stopped talking about it for weeks. It was something I always wanted to do, but never thought I had the nerve. I’ll admit, I was very apprehensive after seeing Dawn’s work. Every girl she shoots looks flawless and like they stepped out of a magazine. After a little convincing, and assurance from former “bitches” I was more than ready. From the moment you meet the girls, till the second you leave, it’s a non-stop thrill. Makeup, hair, clothes, cameras flashing … if you’re ever gonna feel like “somebody” this is it! Take any average girl and instantly she’s turned into a superstar. I’m so happy that I did it, and couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. I cannot wait to do it again! Not only do you leave with beautiful photos and a new sense of self confidence, but a few new girl friends as well :) I can’t say enough good things about them or their work, it’s something you need to experience for yourself. -Heather P, PA


My intention was to give a gift to my husband. It became a gift to myself. I’ll be 40 soon and I wanted my husband to have these memories of me when I’m 60. Married 12 years and a mother of four boys, I don’t often feel like the sexy woman I used to be. I’ve never taken professional shots and I honestly couldn’t see myself like any of the beautiful women on the Glamour Bitch website. Shannon is an artist. The makeup was flawless. When I saw the first few shots before any retouching, I cried. Dawn’s modeling experience allows her to demonstrate the expressions and poses and makes you feel comfortable. She brings out your confidence and your best features. My only regret is not having found her sooner. I would have loved sexy shots of myself pre-children and even maternity photos. Every woman should have this experience at least once in their lives. Having your youth and beauty captured in these photos are priceless and timeless.  Thanks again! -Sandy S, NJ


I have been lucky enough to have had the “Glamour Bitch Experience” twice in the last year. It truly is an amazing time! Dawn and her team are professional, personable and truly talented. They take the time to find out exactly what you are trying to achieve in your photos and make sure that the results are more than what you ever expected. I love getting all done up with the hair and makeup and the all female staff makes it comfortable to try things I wouldn’t normally do. There aren’t enough words to describe the TALENT and MAGIC that Dawn creates in her final images. Glamour Bitch can make any girl beautiful! I am grateful that I have been able to experience it and would highly recommend that every woman does this at least once in her lifetime for her man, or most importantly for herself! -Jenn T, PA

When I first decided to get my pictures done by Glamour Bitch, it was a present for my fiancé who was being deployed. I was very apprehensive because I had ZERO modeling experience. But, my girlfriend (also a Glamour Bitch girl) assured me “The Girls are awesome, you’ll love it, they make you feel so comfotable!” and she was absolutely right. Dawn, Shannon, and Kelly are three amazingly talented women who not only make you feel beautiful; they make you feel like a friend. Shannon and Kelly transform you, and Dawn guides you through the rest. Glamour Bitch has been such a confidence booster for me, and now, my deployed fiancé gets pictures for every holiday, which he loves. Not only is it a present for him, but it’s a treat for me to be pampered. I highly recommend getting pictures done. It’s a blast! -Jessy P, NJ

My name is Amanda, and i’m an aspiring model. While trying to build up my portfolio, I’ve come across many photographers, some good, but mostly bad. I got sick and tired of the male photographer offering me TFP/CD for poor quality images, meanwhile feeling uncomfortable and taken advantage of in the end. UNTIL I found Glamour Bitch!! Since my first shoot with them, I not only noticed a confidence in my photos, but also in myself as well! From makeup and hair, to the whole “feel” of shooting, and down to the end product, I am 200% satisfied with everything they do. Thanks so much! -Amanda B, DE

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