Glamour Bitch Photography Featured on The Boudoir Forum

So excited!!   This morning I work up to see that some of the images that we shot with Kristen this past fall were featured on The Boudoir Forum! is an online resource for both professional boudoir photographers and those just starting out in the field.   The site and blog serve as a place for inspiration, knowledge and building relationships in our little “boudie” community.  So, it’s an incredible honor to have our images showcased along side of some of my favorite photographer’s work.  Make sure you stop by and leave us a little blog love!

PS… You can see all the images from Kristen’s shoot in this post from October 9th- Kristen’s Sexy Photo Shoot!


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  1. Good for you girl!! Its always a great feeling when someone recognizes your work, and your work is great!


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