Heidi: South Jersey Boudoir Photography

Heidi emailed us this past summer both excited and nervous to book a shoot so that she could surprise her husband for their wedding anniversary.  What a doll, we absolutely loved working with her.  Like every woman that walks through our door, Heidi was nervous.  But of course, once she got a look at the hair and makeup Shannon did for her, Heidi was ready to rock it out.  Her photos turned out amazing and she sent us the sweetest email after her shoot.  


“They look sooo amazing…i can’t even believe that is me – my husband’s going to flip!!!   thank you so much dawn – i don’t usually say this about myself…but i think i look amazing! i have been walking around with a perk in my step since you showed me the pictures!”

Heidi ordered one of our custom calendars and she surprised her hubby for their anniversary.  We were dying to find out what he thought, so the next day she filled us in!

O.K. Dawn, here is the low down…he FLIPPED!  As soon as he saw the cover of the calender he looked at it and looked at me like- “this isn’t you right?” (until he read my name at the bottom).  His face immediately lit up!  Every time he turned the page he would say “holy – – – – !”, and other things along those lines!  After he saw the whole calender he looked at me and said “this is the best present you ever got for me!’  …Mind you, this is from a guy who is impossible to buy things for because he is so particular and just buys everything he needs himself. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found you!  This 44 year old just got here groove back!

Thank you Heidi for allowing us to share some of your gorgeous boudoir photos.  Hope we get to see  you again soon!


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  1. Noelle Landis

    Great pics!! Dawn & Shannon are a dynamic team! So glad to hear positive feedback!! What a great story :)


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