Fabulous Accessories for your Boudoir Shoot

I am always on the hunt for fun, new props and accessories for our clients to during their boudoir shoot.  In the last few weeks we’ve picked up a few gorgeous vintage hats, an awesome pink loveseat, a black lace mask, and a few great pieces of jewelry (photos coming soon).   Etsy is a great place to find some beautiful things that can spice up your shoot and make it unique.  And,  there are a ton of websites with gorgeous lingerie, but one of my favorites is FaireFrouFrou .  Take a peek at some of the goodies I’ve had my eye on.


Leather Heart Mask $39



Totally obsessed with black lace right now! Teddy- $149



I am in love with these- seriously! Slippers- $63



Don't know where they are from, but totally adorable!

What do you plan on brining along for your boudoir shoot?




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  1. Jen

    Seriously girl – I have that red mask flagged on my etsy acct as one of my faves!!!!

  2. Your images are so beautiful. I love how you capture so many natural happy moments. And your editing process is SWEET! Thank you for sharing.


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